I am Blagovesta Slaveykova :)


Visual communication, art, illustration, motion graphics, multimedia & graphic design are among my passions :)


A biiig explorer, adventurer with great love for knowledge ^_^

I am also a huge fan of fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, video games, comics (even manga, anime y etc)... I love and have practiced several martial arts among many other things...


I have graduated IED University of Design Barcelona, Spain after winning a scholarship with both a Bachelor and a Masters degree. 

Also had the amazing opportunity to be part of CBI - Challenge Based Innovation program at CERN Switzerland, where I did a Master Innovation Course and worked with CERN and students from UPC Barcelona, ESADE Barcelona and UNIMORE Italy.


To ask a question, inquiries or say hi - feel free to contact me! :)



Blagovesta means: "GOOD NEWS"

Slaveykova: from the word "Slavey - Nightingale bird" (doe I can't sing lol)

Nickname: Betty


For inquiries and more information:






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